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Secure Diamond Shopping with djewels

Djewels guarantee protects you while you shop at djewels. So you never have to worry about credit card safety once you are on the djewels network. We guarantee every transaction you make at djewels will be 100% safe. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your card if youve shopped at djewels. You'll be one of the thousands of customers who have safely shopped with us without credit card fraud. However we realize that you might still have a lot questions and concerns on mind. Hence we have tried to answer all your questions in the FAQ list below and lay your doubts to rest:


100% guaranteed satisfaction

We offer secure, no-risk shopping with 100% guaranteed satisfaction and free shipping. We guarantee that all our diamonds jewelry product, whether or not they are accompanied by an independent grading report, are genuine, authentic and of accurately appraised for quality and value.


Payment Security

We have safe and secure credit card transactions for our customers. We manage the complex routing of sensitive information through the credit card processing network.


How do I use credit cards to make online purchases?

When you shop online you can pay for your purchases using payment instruments that allow online - instantaneous - completion of payment. Credit Cards are the most commonly used payment option worldwide. Paying through a credit card involves providing your card details to the web site that accepts your payment. These details include your card number & expiry date. Many sites store this information and then get an authorization for your purchase amount using just these two details. Your order is processed by the shopping site after a successful authorization of the credit card.


Secure Socket Layer

We use 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect the security of your information as it is transmitted to us. When visiting a page on our site that includes any personal information, the bottom of your browser window will display an unbroken key or a closed lock. This indicates that you have successfully connected with our secure servers.


What are the problems I could face if I use credit cards for online shopping? Why can shopping online be unsafe?

Since your credit card gets charged by simply providing the card number & expiry date, it is possible that anyone who knows these two details can commit fraud on your card. This fraud can happen in two ways:

  • Someone notes your credit card information when you use your card in shops & restaurants, and then uses it to make a purchase online.
  • Someone breaks into the shopping sites systems and takes your card information and uses it to make purchases online.
  • The website does not provide a secure environment to enter your card information on the site. Due to this someone can take advantage of the insecure environment to capture your credit card details and then use it to make a purchase online.
  • The website uses your credit card information that you have given it for an earlier purchase, to later send you goods and services that you have not ordered.

Warning! Please do not send your credit card details by e-mail, even on request from any online Shopping site. You will be running a risk of exposing your credit card details to internet fraud.


What does djewels do to protect me? 

djewels has built a robust, secure web site for you to shop online without a worry. To enable you to make secure online payments, djewels operates an Online Payment Gateway in collaboration with Citibank that accepts payments using credit cards issued by any bank in India. We provide the following measures to protect you.

  • As a safe practice djewels does not store credit card details on its servers. You will need to provide all details of your card on the Banks server only. djewels uses Firewalls and strict security policies to prevent any unauthorized accesses to its sites & customer data.
  • djewels uses the best security practices in the industry to safeguard private information of its customers (including credit card details). djewels uses secure servers (Verisign certified - SSL based software) that encrypts all card details being exchanged between your computer and djewels servers. The entire payment transaction starting from djewels pages to the banks pages and back happens in a secure environment.


So, what is djewels Safe Shopping Guarantee all about?

In spite of all the above security measures it is possible that someone has got hold of your card details and may try to commit fraud on the same. djewels Safe Shopping Guarantee gives you peace of mind by protecting you against such situations.

Our Guarantee:

  • In case of fraudulent charges levied on you for purchases happening at our site using your credit card, djewels will cover the entire liability for you.
  • djewels will cover this liability only if the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own, from purchases made at while using the secure server.
  • In case there is any misuse of your credit card, you just have to inform your card issuing bank, refusing the charge, in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures. After an investigation, which may require 15-20 working days, the charges will be credited to your card account.


So, do I need any additional insurance to protect myself from fraud?

Your card issuing bank (most Indian banks issue cards of brands such as Master / Visa / Diners Club), already provides an insurance cover that limits your liability to almost nothing (approximately Rs.50/-). So you wont need any additional insurance to protect yourself from fraud. You are secure for sure on the djewels


What should I do to minimize risk of fraud while transacting online?

  • Make your online purchases only on trusted sites like the djewels of sites.
  • Look for the Verisign logo or security lock symbol on your browser, for all pages that capture your private information - including credit card details.
  • *Clicking on the logo will show you the Verisign certificate that will tell you that you are transacting on a site belonging to the company whose name is on the certificate.
  • *Clicking on the security lock symbol in your browser shows details of the Verisign certificate issued to the site - including certificate validity date.
  • Check your monthly credit card statements carefully and promptly. If you identify any irregularities, you should immediately bring them to the attention of the issuing bank.
  • Consider dedicating a single credit card for online purchases. It will be easier for you to review your records. Also, should the security of this number be compromised, youll still be able to use your other credit cards.


Protect your Privacy

djewels also protect your privacy with a top priority. We have a strict policy against selling, lending or renting any personal information that you have provided us. All personal information that we collect from you is used only to properly process and fulfill your order, to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible, only with your prior knowledge and consent. Your name and address will not show up on any mailing lists, other than our own - and thats only if you request it. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, just let us know and we will delete your information from our lists.


Who do I contact in case I need more information?

If you need more information, you can get in touch with us by: E-mailing us at