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How to Take Care of Diamond Jewellery



Tips for Taking Good Care of your Precious Diamond Jewellery by



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Jewellery is a very Precious and Costly item. Even though Jewellery is made of Diamonds which is

the Hardest Natural Substance on Earth, it can still get scratched and dirty.


Here are a few points to be taken care of while Storing and keeping Jewellery items  -           


1)    Never ever keep Two or more Rings, Necklaces, Pendants etc together. Diamonds maybe the hardest natural substance, but it can still scratch the other Diamonds, Stone and Gold of the Jewellery. Even if you really need to keep the Jewellery together due to a crunch of space, add a Protective layer of Cloth between the two.


2)    Washing Jewellery – There is no need of using the advertised Jewellery Cleaners for clearing of the dirt from your piece. Simply use a Toothbrush and Normal Soap for cleaning your Rings, Sets and so on. It is Perfectly safe ( unless you drop the Ring due to Soapy Hands )


3)    Never Keep Stone Studded Jewellery in Boiling water – Contrary to the popular belief that we can clean our Jewellery by keeping it submerged in Boiling Hot Soapy Water, doing this can actually crack the Precious Stones studded in it. Stones may also lose their color or become pale. Though you can keep Jewellery in Boiling Water which is studded with only Diamonds as they can bear extreme Heat.


4)    Regular Checkups -  Yes, we humans are not the only ones who need proper Health Checks. If you posses Jewellery which has been with you for Years, it advisable to get it checked for Loose Diamonds, Loose Prongs and Missing Stones. The Jeweller may ( or may not) charge you for the Check up and can even get it Washed and get Re-Rhodium  done to make it Shine Like New!


5)    Beware of Acids / Chemicals -  Take off your Rings, Pendants etc when working in and around these.  Chemicals destroy the polish on Gold and can stain your Jewellery.  It can also damage Stones studded in your pieces.


6)    Keep away from Heat and Fire -  Not all Stones are heat resistant, many can crack at the slightest exposure to heat. People working in Factories, Warehouses etc should take off their Jewellery before going to work.


Keep these points in mind and you will have Glittering, Shining Jewellery for Ages to come!


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