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Know about Diamond Price !

Know about Diamond Price !

  A diamond’s price is directly related to the combination of the five C’s. Diamond prices are determined first by adding the cost of the rough diamond, the cost of cutting the diamond, and all other costs necessary to turn the rough diamond into a marketable diamond. Depending on the importance of the diamond, an independent company may be called into certify the grade of the diamond based on color, cut, clarity and carat.

Carat of Diamond

The same principle applies at the dividing line for 2 and 3 carat diamonds etc.-as the price increases in leaps with each complete and full carat unit. Price jumps for full and numerically “round” “stages” are also applied to diamonds of lesser weights, i.e., a 50 points diamond vs. a 49 points diamond is more valuable weight per weight by being a “full” 1/2 carat (there are 100 ‘points’ in one carat. Thus, e.g., 0.50 or, 1/2 carat is equal to 50 points).

Color of Diamond

Color also plays an important role in determining a diamonds value. The price of a diamond varies quite sharply with color. As a rough guide, depending on market conditions, if a diamond with certain characteristics and weight of color “H” were worth 100 units of currency another with the same characteristics but of color “F” (two color levels higher) would be worth approximately 130 units, while one with color “J” (two color levels lower) would be worth 80. Moves in clarity grades will affect the price in a similar manner. As the combinations of clarity, cut and color increases in “total score” — their effect on price becomes greater. However, due to the numerous different possible combinations of Clarity, Color and Cut grading for each Carat weight size the price of each stone is determined through the use of complicated formulas, through tables as well as through reliance on expertise and experience.

Cut of Diamond

Cut and proportions play an important role since they make a lower quality diamond look good to the eye and they sharply reduces the price of high investment quality diamonds. Cut is also the characteristic that is most neglected by diamond salespeople in the effort of making a sale. If the diamond is not well cut a fact which reduces the price of the diamond, the seller will emphasize the lower price rather than discuss the improper proportions. Notice, however, that certain tolerances apply and the diamond with good overall cut is definitely acceptable.

Clarity of Diamond

Clarity is a term used to describe the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond or other gemstone. A perfect stone with perfect clarity, or clearness, is rare, and most flaws that do exist in jewelry grade diamonds cannot be seen without looking at the gems through a jeweler’s magnifying loupe

Cost of Diamond

The cost of buying diamonds can vary considerably. Of course the difficulty with buying diamonds online is the uncertainty that you will get what you pay for, and how do you know you can trust the seller or dealer? It is important therefore that you educate yourself very well with the various aspects of diamonds that you need to make an informed purchase. First generally information about diamonds is offered through the on the right. The 5c’s of diamond cut, color clarity and carat weight, the basic facts about diamonds, how to sell a real diamond from a, imitation.    

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