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How To Measure Your Correct Bangle Size


In order to find the correct Bangle Size of your wrist, you will need to determine the inner diameter of your wrist. Bangles that have lock/screw openings fit without problem but for bangles that have no openings you must consider the size of your palm to fit through, so you must know exact size when you buy bangles without opening.

Here are a few tips for your reference that will help you in determining your Bangle size. 

1)   Measure the distance between your knuckles.


The best way to measure and find the best bangle size for you is to place your fist on a flat surface,   then with a measuring tape, measure from the middle of your first knuckle to the middle of your fourth knuckle. That measurement will give you your correct bangle size.


Please see the picture below that illustrates how to correctly measure for your bangle size.

Bangle Sizer, measure bangle size, know my bangle size
















NOTE:  Your Measured Size might be different from our posted Bangle Sizes.  You just need to choose  the closest Bangle Size and it will come just fine.



2. Measure your Existing Bangle / Measure Your Hand


 djewels, diamond jewelleryBangles SizerDjewels







a.   To measure your existing bangle, take a ruler and place it along the centre of your bangle and measure the inner  diameter of your bangle, as shown in the picture above.


Measure a bangle you already have and compare with below-stated measurements to get your correct Bangle Size.

Bangle Size Chart










































































b.  To measure your hand, use a flexible tape measure or a piece of string/thread or ruler. Make your hand as small as possible, as if you were putting on Bangles, bringing your thumb and little finger together. Measure the string around your hand (circumference) at the widest point. And compare your measurement with below-stated measurements

 ( Circumference ) to get your correct Bangle Size.


Bangle Size Chart




































3.  Visit a local jeweler and ask to have your Bangle Size measured.

If you still feel unsure about your actual size, you can visit any nearby ( Reputed ) Jeweler and he will give you an accurate Bangle Size. Be sure to check the Authenticity of the Jeweler first.


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