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Diamonds for Everyone

Wedding Jewellery Collection

Wedding Jewellery Collections 

Polki Jewellery

Polki Jewellery

polki necklace sets

The jewelry collection is alluring statement pieces, handcrafted; made for made for the lady who adores life, demands luxury jewelry pieces that can go from day to evening wear. The Djewels Diamond wedding collection Starts from $190.00 USD.

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Wedding Necklace Set

necklace set designs 1
necklace set designs 1

Djewels Diamond Jewelry showcases her “Diamond Royal” Necklace, a deliberately carefully assembled wedding necklace. The Diamond Royal Necklace combines a striking Diamond pendant, Djewels crystal beads, glass beads, high-quality faux pearls of varying sizes with a 16″ chain finished with a lobster claw closure.

“The Diamond Royal Necklace is a truly a delightful bit of adornments. When designing this collection, we needed to express a certain appeal, each one piece with its own particular striking. These pieces capture our attention in an alluring way, perfect for the woman who loves life and going to married “said Manager Djewels of Djewels Diamond Jewelry.

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MangalSutra Set

Diamond mangalsutra
Diamond mangalsutra
Djewels’ Jewelry has formally declared the launch of their wedding Diamond jewelry Collection that brings a unique charm with with sensitive enumerating and high design. The collection includes a total of 40 pieces of jewelry that includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings and Mangal Sutra. For More Info :-

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